I am an artist | a sketch fanatic | a learner | a mom

I am motivated and tired at the same time. A struggle that I trully love, like a sick masochist with a pen in their hand.

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I’m an artist, a mom and an overall awkward individual. But I’m friendly, I promise.

Who you’re getting involved with

I am a professional illustrator, believe it or not. I am passionate about the work process itself – organizing and optimizing my workflow gets me excited just as much as eating ice cream does.

I’m a short-key lover, a research junkie and a sketch fanatic. Most people call me a workaholic. My mom doesn’t like that part but she does like my drawings. It should count for something, right?

I balance it all in my brain by having 67 unnamed layers on my personal projects. Nobody ever sees those.
I never miss an opportunity to learn something new. I’ve been roaming Udacity, Udemy, Tutsplus and Youtube for the past three years. Yes, a lot of coffee is a necessity. And yes, I love it.

I’m not ashamed to say I am most certainly NOT a leader. I like to shine from time to time and am competitive, but I enjoy working in a team and am more than comfortable with following somebody else’s lead.

What you’re getting youtself into

If you’re considering ordering custom work, I must say that over the years I’ve developed a workflow for myself that seems to work great, so I follow it with all clients. Here’s what to expect:

1. Discussion: Let me know what you need! Include samples or references of the final look you would like me to deliver, the formats and sizes you need as well.

2. Sketches:┬áThose are usually messy and very different from one another. At this stage all types of edits can be made, including building a new look from those initial sketches – you like part of one, part of another and want something added? Just let me know!

3. First milestone: Once you approve a sketch we’ve hit the first milestone! Half of the payment for the agreed quote should be released, you’ll receive a PayPal invoice to make it easier.

4. Previews: You’ll start receiving WIP images. I send them at different stages – usually with just the flat colors applied to discuss them, then the full shaded version. If needed I add in-betweens.

5. Second milestone: You’ve received a final preview and you’ve like it. AWESOME! All that is left is for the rest of the payment to be cleared and you will receive all files as agreed in the beginning, neatly packed in a .zip.