#simplydrawme: HOW TO PARTICIPATE

Hey there beautiful people! First and foremost – THANK YOU all who decided to participate in the current session or had interest in it. You’ve all been so supportive and it’s been amazing to be able to practice different styles without the fear of a deadline for once.

Now. Time to address when the next session will be happening. And I did mention already that it will be more structured. Honestly, I just winged the first one because I didn’t expect anybody to be interested, so this time there will be some easy-to-follow rules to make sure I make the selection as fair as possible, to make sure I’m giving back to the community that supports me, AND to give myself some time to still earn a living in the meantime. So yeah, it’s not going to be something that is constantly happening.

Let’s move on to what you came here for:


[section_title icon=”” text=”WHEN“]

The sessions will be happening at milestones on social media. That includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in my case. The first milestone will be announced on Instagram, since this is where it all started and where most people expect it to appear.

When it is reached and all the drawings are finished, the next goal will be announced on the social media account it will be for. Meaning, I will not be posting an announcement everywhere every time – if it’s going to be on Twitter, you get it on Twitter, etc, so make sure you turn your Notifications on. I think they have them everywhere now, this way you won’t miss a post.


[section_title icon=”” text=”HOW“]

How to participate, you might ask. I’m making it a bit more specific this time, as I mentioned above, so I could make sure I don’t lose images, plus that I actually get to draw fans, followers and supporters.

Every milestone announcement post will have the basic instructions in it too so they’re easily accessible. Here’s what they’ll be in general:

  1. Be a follower of the account it’s being announced on;
  2. Post you image with the hashtag #simplydrawme in the description and tag me on the image/tag my page (depending on the type of media);
  3. Post a comment under the milestone post saying that you’ve uploaded and tagged your image (or reply in the case of Twitter)

Simple enough, right?

Once the milestone is reached I’ll post a comment under that same post and no more entries will be taken. Therefore, if you post after my comment it won’t count. Then, every comment I got will receive a number, starting from 1 and ending where it ends, and I’ll have a random draw of FIVE people per session. Just so I don’t go crazy because ten turned out to be a bit too many, I need to work and change diapers too.

Also, if you got selected on one event you will not be able to participate in the next two, just to make sure there are not a lot of repeats. This does include the people that participated in the current #drawme.

[section_title icon=”” text=”WHAT DO YOU GET“]

This time you might have noticed that each image had a different style/technique applied to it. It’s mainly because I wanted to be able to practice different things since I haven’t really drawn anything for myself in a long time. From now on however the session is going to be consistent – the style will be announced along with the milestone post so you’ll know what you will be getting and whether or not you want it prior to posting your image.


[section_title icon=”” text=”SOME OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF“]

• images will be made for personal use only. They’re not to be considered as commissions or work made for hire, and cannot be used for logos, advertisement banners, avatars on business websites or online stores, etc;

• the session is for one person per photo/drawing, so please don’t tag images with pets, couples, family portraits, class reunions or the entire audience at a theater (ok, I overdid it but you get the point);

• the images will contain a signature and it is not to be removed;

• you can download your image or screenshot it, however do leave credit when uploading elsewhere: something like “made by simply.dikka” will be enough, although it would be best if you added a link to any of my profiles for reference;

• as no surprise goes also the condition not to claim the image to be made by yourself or anybody else but the artist;

• there will be no deadlines included. I do my best to work on an image every week, but life happens – if I have an actual commissioned project that involves me working all hours of the night, or have a sick baby, or the cat blocks the door and I cannot enter the room, needless to say the session will be paused;

• all, some or non of the drawings will be uploaded as a speedpaint on my YouTube channel.


pictures will not count if:

  • you send them in a direct message
  • they were not tagged appropriately in the description/on the image
  • you did not leave a comment under the announcement post
  • you posted the image on a website different than the one the current session is announced on
  • you posted after the milestone has been reached and entries have been closed
  • you posted in private accounts that I have to follow in order to find (consider making it public until the selection lasts, or have a back up? Up to you!)
  • you use an older post as an entry – there will be multiple sessions per social media, but an image has to be posted after the announcement. If you want to use the same image as on a previous one you will have to repost it, the previous post will not count.
  • you tagged an image with multiple people without a clear indication which one of those is to be drawn

[section_title icon=”” text=”THAT’S IT“]

I know it looks like a lot, but I like structure and I like at least trying to touch on the important questions that might pop up in the future. If something is unclear – drop me a line, I will answer all questions. Call it “a habit gained from working with people”, or whatever you’d like. Hopefully I’ll see you around and, well, DRAW YOU LATER! Literally.


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