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Practicing more when it comes to drawing seems to always stay at the back of my mind and, well, at the bottom of my list of chores for the day. Maybe it’s because that’s how I take it – as a bloody chore that I need to get done and move on with more fun things.

I’m really trying to get over this mindset though. Really, REALLY trying. I’ve decided that in order to make it more fun I will simply have zero rules for this. It won’t matter what images I choose. It won’t matter how good the result is. It won’t matter the size I’m working on, the number of drawings I make per session, whether I end up getting a good resemblance or if the image looks just like “inspired by” because I wandered off in a creative way.

All that will matter is that I have fun, have some time off of serious things and see improvement over time. And so far it seems to be working. No deadlines, no worries, and I’ve drawing some things that are pretty much out of my comfort zone (teeth are the death of me).

I’ll be keeping all my references in a board on Pinterest so you can get them and use them yourself if you like them. In the board there’ll always be more images than I’ve used since I go and save a bunch before I start working and can’t always get to all of those I’ve planned on working. But that’s ok, because there are no rules, remember? I’ll leave a link bellow.

Once my microphone finally arrives, instead of the post office getting my hopes up by sending me notices about things I forgot I even purchased, I’ll probably make longer versions of those in real time with some rambling so we can actually have a sketch-along! But there’s plenty of time until we get there.

Just a note – when you see a white thumbnail in my videos, that means it’s talk-free. I’ll probably be making a quicker, music-only version of all speedpaints so you don’t have to suffer trough that in order to see the process.
Everything looks better with an Instagram filter

That shall be all for now!

Cheers and draw you later!


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