Let’s Talk About Old Art

We all have those few pieces we keep on private because we sort of kind of really hate them. They might have been created a year ago, but they might also be from as recent as last month. Might be we learned new things from back when this old art was created. Or we tried something new while we weren’t quite ready to do it yet, and it didn’t turn out looking as it should have.

What to do with those? Delete them? Keep them hidden? Forget they ever existed? Well, here’s my NEW opinion on the matter.


[section_title icon=”” text=”THE PAST IS IN THE PAST, OLD ART IS OLD ART”]

I really used to think I should ignore my old art. It is obviously bad, definitely worse that what I can make now, and I really, REALLY didn’t want people to see those older pieces. I felt embarrassed by them, I was afraid if people saw them they would think that I couldn’t do better now and would never really go trough my profile. I was… well, young and dumb. That’s why I have a bunch of art on storage in DeviantArt, I deleted a lot of my older drawings on my Facebook page, I set all my older videos on YouTube to Private and just moved on with my life. And that is not the answer folks, in my opinion at least.


[section_title icon=”” text=”LET’S GET REAL”]

Old art is just that – it is OLD. It doesn’t represent what you can do now, all it shows is what you could do back then, a month, a year or ten ago. It shows your growth, progress and in the best case scenario – that you learned from your mistakes and worked on fixing them. Yes, sometimes it seems like it was taking too long to see a change between pieces, and yes, it sucks to constantly be reminded on how you used to draw every person as a Voldemort clone, just minus the nostrils (oh, me and my nose drawing struggles). What I mostly get ashamed of is the way I used to react with those images. How could I have been so proud of them? Why would I ignore constructive criticism? Why didn’t I take the time to analyse and fix the issues I had?! 

[section_title icon=”” text=”THE TRUTH”]

Being young is not an excuse that I want to use, so I won’t. There are honestly 13-year-olds that are miles ahead of me, and you cannot convince me that is just “talent”. A lot of talk has been talked about that, and yes – I do believe being “talented” helps, however you cannot get awesome results without hard work, and they’ve put that hard work, the right type and amount of it to progress, while I was instead trying to avoid it and cheat my way into getting better. That doesn’t work out well, and I ended up wasting the years during which I was living at home, with no job or responsibilities to distract me. And when I think about it, this is why I hate my old art the most – not because it’s bad, everyone starts from somewhere, but I KNOW it could have been better.


[section_title icon=”” text=”NOW WHAT?”]

I am slowly getting into the proper mindset in my opinion about this – I am starting to put it out there. I have started showing my older videos on YouTube, and I will keep doing that with a big fat disclaimer that it’s old art. I will be doing the same with the ones I hide on DeviantArt in portions, and will most likely be doing comparisons and draw-this-agains of them, so I could actually be able to compare now vs then. And I know that I won’t see enough change to be happy, but I also know that there WILL be a difference and even just a little is still something. I’ll also start revising my art on a yearly basis, I just saw a really cool video that I will link bellow about this that inspired me so much to do so, and I do believe that it will be something to kick my butt into proper gear.

Old Art VS New Art

[section_title icon=”” text=”SO, TO DELETE OR NOT TO DELETE OLD ART”]

NEVER, EVER DELETE YOUR ART! At least not all of it. Of course, there are some things that make no sense keeping, there are silly sketches that you know will never get to become something better, or there is that stupid fan art that is no different than the 30 other fan arts you made and it will not make a difference if you keep it or not. But at least keep most. Keep the worst ones, keep those you knew you were proud of even if you’re not any more, keep those that had good concepts while you still lacked the skill to give them an awesome life. I made the mistake to throw away most of what I had on paper while we were changing apartments and now I regret it with every fiber I have. I am holding to my DA profile for dear life, because I also lost one hard drive that I have no idea if I would be able to get revived so I can pull my art from there, so that’s all I have now.


I can’t wait to start sharing more of it with you and get on the path of learning from it and making it a lot better in the future. Cheers!



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