Who am I and what I can offer

I'm an illustrator and a designer with over 10 years of experience as a freelance and an in-house artist. I do raster and vector art, frame by frame animation and simple motion design, creating a small team of one that can help you with almost any project.


Portrait Art

I create both vector and raster portraits in a realistic and semi-realistic styles, based on photos and style reference, that can be the perfect addition to your branding to add a personal and fun touch to your website and social media.


Once a portrait goes to the more cartoony side it creates the perfect avatar for your teams, both to personalize your social media presense or add a fun flair to your team's profiles behind the scenes to remove the anxiety of putting a personal photo as the avatar in slack, skype, discord, twitter, etc.

Mascot Illustrations

Mascots are one of the most fun ways to create brand recognition across a wide range of audiences. I can help add a friendly cartoon face, be it an animal character or a person, in both vector and raster, made specifically to be easy to manipulate their poses for extra use in different situations or animation.

Logo design

If you need an illustrative logo that would definitely stand out in a lineup, just let me know! From simple stylized shapes, to complex yet not overcrowded compositions, we can create a logo together that can later be applied to both your online presence and printed products and labels.

Concept Art

Bringing your characters to life can be challenging, but together we can turn any written description into a living, breathing design, whether that's required for a book, game, animation, NFT or you just want to have a reference for your original DnD character.

Book Illustration

Any book can become easier to handle by a new reader with some visual queues. Though I have a soft spot in my heart for children's books, I have also drawn illustrations for instructional projects and infographics, as a visual always helps the reader to better understand and remember the material.

NFT Assets

Want a set of 2d images to start creating your generative project, a concept or base to use and develop later, a cover for your music or written pieces, or have a rad idea about a series of 1/1s you think would sell great but can't make them yourself and can't find them on the market to acquire? We can do this together! Pricing varies a lot depending on complexity, count, royalties agreement and copyright transfer, but it's definitely something I can help with so hmu.



Jul 2020 - Jun 2022

Working closely with the game designer, illustrating and preparing for animation and programming stylized raster characters for various games from the studio's portfolio. All characters get custom armor and weapons, their skills and animation states are also represented in a preview or a sketch to ease the process and give clues down the line. I also made edits to existing assets, always required in a timely manner, following the style they're originally made in. The position included creating or editing UI elements as buttons, maps, icons, level signs and app store materials for updates.


Feb 2018 - Jul 2020

I was hired as a Junior Web Designer. The job involved creating designs for optimized websites, the main focus being UX and SEO. This included creating a logo, UI elements (buttons, tables, icons), vector masots and avatars, and custom graphics for articles. A full responsive preview was created in Adobe Illustrator for all break points, after which all assets were exported and the design had to be transferred to Photoshop while keeping full editability for the programmer to be able to code based on what they're used to.


Apr 2015 - Jan 2018

I was an in-house illustrator, working mainly in Adobe Illustrator and later preparing assets for Adobe Character Animator as well. I've worked on premium and free stock characters, as well as custom orders, all based on either photos of people or objects, plants, personality types and periods in history. All files have always been finished according to the requirements for layer/group organization in order to ease editing by both the rest of the team and the clients. Along with the characters, additional assets were created to fit in a scene, as objects, backgrounds and around 100 poses for each character using symbols.

Local Printing Studio

Nov 2014 - Apr 2015

I was an Operator, working as a graphic designer as well. I used to work closely with the clients of the studio to create designs for branding and marketing, advertising, calendars, catalogs, menus and banners. Working as well with scanners, printers and doing the finishing work on all projects from start to finish.